We are very excited to bring you a connection with stones in another way to enjoy! Each Soap has a hand picked stone from our store inside, each paired with an essential oil that closely resonates for that chakra.


Root Chakra/Red= Garnet Stone with Cedar Juniper Essential Oil

Sacral/Orange= Carnelian with Passionfruit Guava

Solar/Yellow= Citrine with Nerolis Basil

Heart/Green= Green Aventurine with Rose

Throat/Aqua= Blue Lace Agate with Rosemary Mint

3rd Eye/Indigo= Iolite with Lavender Vanilla

Crown/Light Purple= Amethyst with Frankincense Rain


These Soaps are thankfully made for us by MysticalMoonGoddessbyNini down in Long Island. 

Ingredients are= Honey Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, 2 drops natural pigment and essential oils

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