Now make your own energized water with crystals in the bottom of your glass water bottle! The water does not touch the stone so you can add any type of crystal to enhance the water with its energetic qualities.

Be careful with the crystal point water bottles online, some crystals are toxic like Tiger eye and Lapis. With ours you get to put your own crystals inside!


Comes with protective sleeve and your choice of...

Amethyst~ Aligning your energy centers, raising your vibration with high color spectrum of purple, letting go of old habits.

Rose Quartz~ Heart energy center, allowing you to open up to receive and give, become open in your relationships.

Fluorite~ Mental clarity, focus, great for studies, and for those who's mental state may be all over the place.


Tourmaline mixed~ Safety, allowing yourself to be protected. Once you feel safer within yourself, you don't have the need to be protected. Also a heart balancer and emotional stabilizer, can help with grief and moving forward.

Citrine~ External abundance and prosperity, helping to see opportunities of expansion and prosperity.

Garnet~ Balancing the root energy center, Flight, Fight or Freeze. Bringing out your greatness. Grounding and stabilizing.

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