Infuse your favorite essential therapeutic oils with gemstone minerals to enhance the properties and the intent for the use. Each stone has its own personality and mineral content imbuing that energy into the oil like an elixir. The stone names and oils below are some suggestions..

Clear Quartz- Any oil, as quartz amplifies anything its connected with.

Amethyst- Raising vibration and alignment, Frankincense 

Sodalite- is a a softer 3rd eye awakener, patchouli or sandalwood

Fluorite- is a mental clarity and focus stone, mint, clary sage,

Lapis- is a great balance of expression from the gut, Basil, Cypress or Bergamot

Rose Quartz- is the heart shield opener, Rose and most flower essences work well

Green Aventurine- has a heart warming energy after its been opened, Geranium 

Tiger Eye- Helping with taking action and seeing things from another perspective, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit

Red Jasper- Cardamon, Patchouli

Black Obsidian- Cedar, Oakmoss, Myrr

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