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Transformation ~ The Intellect, Your Emotions and Your Intelligent "Gut"

Learn what it looks like to be in your head and how to get out of your head! Most of us think feelings are our emotions, but most of us have it mixed up. True feelings come from your gut, that unexplainable place. Most of us spend too much time in our head and we live our life making up all kinds of crap up that isn't real. 
Timothy breaks it down into what transformation is all about.

Saturday the 15th ~ 2pm ~ $22



Gong Bath Sound Healing 

with Anjahlia Kate Loye



She brings forth a multidimensional experience that fills you with source frequency, sound, light, love and Ascension Codes! Taking us in a group Merkaba on a high frequency, sonic, toning, Ascended Masters guided ~ INNER EARTH JOURNEY, TO OPEN THE FAERY PORTALS and retrieve something that we lost from our hearts.  
To assist the communication with the Fae, and humans, the flowers, trees, crystals, magical beings, as well as work in planetary service to open portals and gateways previously held closed from past trauma.


With Symphonic Gongs, crystal singing bowls, serrati box, chimes, tuning forks, black hand drum and more! 


Bring a mat to lie down on, some water, your journal if you are a seer, and your open hearts!  Please share with your friends!

Saturday the 15th ~ 7pm ~ $33


~ Grounding Stones and connecting with our body ~
with Travis Ogden

Let's explore the mineral kingdom with some of the foundation crystals that help us be more connected with our body's.
Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Galena, Stibnite, Shungite, Pyrite and more! 
We'll work with these stones while bringing attention and awareness into our body to 
connect with ourselves and feel what we feel. 

Tuesday afternoon the 18th
~ 2-3pm ~ $22



Runes Intensive with Karynn Hatch


This is a 2 day workshop learning about all of the Nordic alphabet of Elder Futhark, which are earthy symbols rooted in the natural world. These symbols each have there own meaning which is used as a divination tool, asking questions and having a tool to help find the answers your seeking. Karynn goes over the history of runes and each of the 24 symbols through these 2 days with time to practice reading with each other.  

A book recommended by Karynn is "The Runes" by Lisa Peschel.

July 11th & 18th or July 14th & 21st

$55 for the 2 days with 50% off Rune Set of your choice.



~Please RSVP for all Workshops~