* Crystal Wisdom Wholesale



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~Crystal Wisdom Wholesale~

To those who are in the trade, have their own shop or store, jewelry designers, healers and holistic clinics.


*Must have your EIN # Copy

*Certificate of Authority if a storefront. 

*Business Card with Name, phone #, address, email.


 ~ We Now have our wholesale warehouse

next door to Crystal Connection.~

Flats, kilos and pc minimums.


( Inside the Retail store, full wholesale is not permitted. Some items can be discounted up to 30% - 50% with discretion by either Travis or Tim, depending on stock levels.)


$1000 Minimum first time purchase.

$500 purchase thereafter. 

Other Wholesale tiers available.


Please Call 845-888-2547 for any questions

~ No Wholesale during Weekends ~

~ Must call to make an appointment ~