*Treatments and Services

Vibroacoustic Sound Bed

$1 per 1 Minute

Booked in 15 Minute increments. 

~30-45 minutes is recommended.
~A high vibration bed that opens up and removes blockages & allows you to experience harmony, with
 music and vibration. 

~Feel and Hear (Emotion & Body) the deeply penetrating and soothing vibrations of this therapeutic bed. 
~Promotes awareness and alignment to your being.
~Can help calm the intellect and mind chatter, allowing one to feel more in the moment. 

All Bio-mat and Energy movement machines below are booked

al la carte, first come first serve, day of in store. 

Infrared, Jade, Tourmaline, Quartz & Salt Block Foot Mat


$10 Per 15 Minute Session

~Since the feet are the lowest extremities, the choice of Jade, Tourmaline & Quartz does an unbelievable job releasing stagnant energy. 
~Far infrared allows the 80+ minerals & trace elements of the salt block to harmonize with the body. 
~Amazing for relieving neuropathy and a must for people who have jumping in their feet and legs, and/or Restless Leg Syndrome. 

Far Infrared Belt w/ Tourmaline

$10 Per 15 Minute Session

~Great for weight loss and stimulating the natural detox process through the body and fat tissue helping to release built up toxins. 

Amethyst Far Infrared Mat


$10 per 15 Minute Session

~The Amethyst Mat is the only crystal mat that aligns and harmonizes your chakras. 
~Essential for your EMOTIONS. When your emotions are off, disharmony happens in the body that can cause mental illnesses, blockages, mental confusion, anxiety & brain fog. 
~Infrared has been successfully used to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and relieve neuropathy. 

Crystal Healing Mat

With Far Infrared, Red Light & PEMF


$10 per 15 Minute session

~The mat contains 7 different crystal minerals, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite, Garnet, Carnelian & Tiger Eye. 
~The mat coordinates the crystals & charges them up through your body with Far Infrared, Red Light Therapy & PEMF (see PEMF sign)
~Can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, relieve neuropathy, relax muscle tissue & increase blood flow. 
Great for chronic conditions. 

Amethyst & Black Tourmaline Chair Mat 

w/ Far Infrared, Red Light & Pemf


$10 per 15 Minute Session

~Amethyst is the only crystal that aligns and harmonizes all your chakras.
~Combined with Tourmaline it balances and draws electromagnetic frequencies out of your body.
~Can help relieve pain & reduce inflammation. 
~Has Infrared Light, PEMF and Red Light Therapy

Chi Machine

$10 per 15 Minute Session

~Opens the channel of flow. 
~Improves vitality, blood flow, oxygenation & circulation
~An ancient Japanese modality of rhythmic movement. Beginning with your Root Chakra, and gradually ascends through your Chakra System and life.
~Frees up subluxations & blockages of all types including emotional. 
~Helpful for inactive lifestyles, Lymphedema, swelling in the legs & Fibromyalgia.


$5 per Session

~A physical vibration that will move up through your feet to the very top of your head. 
~Freeing stubborn and lifelong blockages. Creating a sense of freedom within the body. 
~Strengthens your core, adjusts the organs to their natural positions, loosens subluxations in your body.
~Helping to free up and move the lymphatic systems.


$5 Per Session

~ Strengthens your core, increases blood flow.
~Calm, gentle way to improve hip, leg & Pelvis movement. 
~Opens the hips and pelvis area to release blockages created by past emotions and situations.

Try all the Machines and Mats for $45/hr.

(Excluding Vibroacoustic bed)