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How it works:  

A unique and accurate profile analysis can be made about you and your state of well being from Bio

feedback analysis, allowing us to better understand the 

workings of our bodies empowering us with increased capabilities.

Each of us has a sensitive network of electrical potentials moving along the surface of our body. Collecting electrical activity from a sensor, biofeedback is the resulting information providing valuable physiological feedback.

Bill “The Wizard” ~ Intuitive Reader Intuitive Dowser. 

Every Sunday 

Bill uses his intuitive skills and tools, along with his unique connection to the universe, to provide you with the information needed to help see the choices in your life.  He is also able to spot potential health issues so you can make an educated decision about options available to you. Bill has an excellent track record of being accurate and informative in his predictions and what he ‘sees’. 

15 min $25 or 30 min $45 

Saturday November 4th & December 9th

Madam Sonja ~ Intuitive Tarot

Madam Sonja is first generation American, coming from an ancient lineage of Slavic mystics and healers. She is Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empathic, an Ordained Minister and practicing Eclectic Witch.

She uses the Tarot to connect to her Guides providing guidance, messages and a peak into your future.

Come and discover with her what the Universe has in store for you. $25/$45

Saturday November 11th & December 2nd

Energy Healing Or Angel Tarot With Margery

During a session Margery combines Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy techniques. By using her hands as tools, she is a channel for the healing angels' energy and love to flow to the client. With a soft touch of her hands, the angels assist her in safely and gently releasing stored energy and patterns from the past, allowing clients the become relaxed and recharged  



She uses her intuition along with angel, fairy, and tarot cards to deliver to her clients the messages that spirit has for them. She not only just reads the card's information but uses them as a gateway for detailed information to come through giving meaning and confirmation to what's going on in your life. $25/$45


Saturday November 18th & December 16th:

Ancestral Bone Casting or Tarot Readings

Join Michelle in working with the ancestors to help you resolve conflicts, remove blockages, and move forward on your path to personal fulfillment through a contemporary form of the ancient art of bone-casting. During this session, Michelle throws various bones, charms and gemstones into a woven bowl to read and discuss the personal messages received for you. Michelle has a deep commitment to using her psychic ability and education in Tarot, psychology, massage therapy, reiki, hypnosis, and genealogy to assist herself and others on their path of personal growth and well-being $25/$45

Saturday December 23rd

Anita ~ Shamanic Stone Readings

I began my journey 15 years ago when I finally listened to my ancestors. My training is a combination of Peruvian, South African, Native American, and Tibetan traditions. To give a little description of what I will be offering: Stone readings are used to provide direction and or guidance in areas we are seeking clarity.  I also provide Shamanic healing sessions using drums, rattles, stones and crystals. I take you on a journey to settle into an open mind and heart to receive the medicine from our ancestors and Spirit. I then become a conduit of healing using my drums and rattles afterwards I initiate a grounding process to bring us all back into ourselves. $25/$45

Saturday December 30th 

Tiffany~ Elemental Tarot 

Reading tarot for over 20 years I've learned that the cards never look the same twice. Each time I read them a different picture and story emerges based upon the message the cards have for the seeker. In partnership with the personal vibration of the seeker and the story the cards tell, the message is intuitively delivered with compassion and understanding. Life is a journey and as Rumi stated, "what you seek is seeking you". $25/$45