Tarot 101 - The Majors

Hosted By Tiffany Graham


 Have a deck of Tarot cards and want to explore ways of looking at them?

This class will go over the basics of the Major Arcana.

Points covered in Tarot 101: The Majors


* The Major Arcana versus the Minor Arcana
* Mini - Major Arcana Cards
* Numbers/Numerology
* Chakra associations
* Other associations (Biblical, Kabbalah, Astrology)
* Expanding your personal Tarot Language
* Developing your Intuition
All Students will have the opportunity to practice reading with each other.
This Class is designed to introduce the many layers in the structure of Tarot.
Please bring a Tarot deck, (which will be available for purchase, store copies to look through). Keep
in mind that this class focuses on Tarot Cards, be sure what you bring is a Tarot deck, not an Oracle deck.

Saturday November 20th 12:30 - 2:30
$33 RSVP required
Call 845-888-2547 to Register ASAP


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