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What its all about and how it works

with Lisa Mitchell


There has been lots of miss information out there about what CBDs are and how it all works. Can you get high? If I get drug tested can I take CBDs? And many other belief systems that stop people who could benefit from this natural remedy from helping them. 

We have become big supporters of the Hemp industry and CBD's natural and holistic approach to healing the body. We have seen many ailments that can be helped with the support of the cannabinoidal system. There is more mainstream research happening now because of what people have been experiencing and those who want to break free from traditional mainstream approaches in the medical profession for various reasons.

Join us for a powerpoint presentation lecture and Q & A after

December 13th @ 7pm ~ $10

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~ An Evening with Spirit ~


Have you ever felt a loved one who has crossed over, trying to tell you something?

You may also simply be interested in Psychic Phenomenon, then join Ellen Devine, a psychic medium who will be conducting a demonstration and discussion of mediumship.

Our goal is to bring forth evidential information to the individual and those present, messages of hope and healing.

Perhaps your loved one will step forward and deliver a message from beyond. Come join us and learn how you too can connect with the spirit world and embark on a journey of connection.

Its not guaranteed everyone will receive a message, but you will leave inspired and more in touch with the other side,

December 7th @ 7pm ~ $44