Special Event! Palo Santo Workshop With Mimi 
Saturday May 28th

Gather with us for an energy shifting and cleansing afternoon with Mimi Daraa of Maison Palo Santo.

We'll dive deep into the botanical treasure, Palo Santo, learn the uses and benefits of this sacred plant and bust some myths surrounding this mystical tree. 
Through meditation, intention setting, energy cleansing movement and rhythmic breathing, we will put this practice into motion!
This is a fun event, welcoming all levels. Guaranteed to leave you smiling! 








The Lapidary World In Motion

(Dates TBD and weather permitting)


Special guest Uriah coming, to share the interest of

the lapidary world! You will get to see cutting and polishing through all the

steps with different crystals and minerals. Bring or buy a stone to make into a

custom pendant, and even learn to do it yourself!