Tuesday, September 6th,13th, 20th & 27th
Healings With Roland "The Anchor"
Join Roland for private healing sessions to ground and harmonize your energy. Also receive messages of what he gets and picks up from your dynamic fields of energy. We nicknamed him the "Anchor", he'll drop you out of your head and into your body, to get more in touch with you and what's going on, so that healing can be activated and the path enhanced.
$125/Hour or $65 ~ 1/2 hour Cash.
Please Call the Store to Book & Set Up Time! 845-888-2547




Saturday September 10th & 24th : Angel Tarot With Margery

She uses her intuition along with angel, fairy, and tarot cards to deliver to her clients the messages that spirit has for them. She not only just reads the cards information but uses them as a gateway for detailed information to come through giving meaning and confirmation to what's going on in your life.





Saturday September 10th
Dowsing & Pendulums with Bill the Wizard


Dowsing with its many types of tools have been around for eons, finding water underground, medical dowsing and forms of divination or even exploring chakras and energy patterns around us.
In this class with Bill, you'll learn all about them and how to use them in different applications. You'll also get to make your own dowsing rods to take home! Explore the energy of your Universe!
 Please Call the Store to Book, 845-888-2547






Saturday September 17th: Psychic Tarot & Ancestral Gemstone Bone Casting With Michelle Lorenzo

Michelle has been using her psychic ability to help herself and others on their path of personal growth and fulfillment for over 40 years. Since childhood, she has felt an affinity with the gemstone kingdom and is now combining her psychic mediumistic ability with gemstone divination to offer her clients a unique experience of working through their concerns and connecting with spirit through the amazing beauty and energy of gemstones!






Friday, September 23rd 
An Evening of Spirit ~ Fall Equinox Dinner & Reading

Hosted by Ellen Devine our resident Medium.
Have you ever felt a loved one who has crossed over, trying to tell you something? You may also simply be interested in Psychic Phenomenon & Mediumship. Our goal is to bring forth evidential information to the individual and those present, messages of hope and healing.
Perhaps your loved one will step forward and deliver a message from beyond.
Our hope is that everyone will receive a personal message, however not guaranteed. You will however leave inspired and more in touch with the other side.
This time a gathering of nourishment in multiple forms of a buffet dinner which will be served for the beginning of the evening and then gallery style readings for who and what comes through.
$75 ~ RSVP Required. 22ppl max
Call 845-888-2547 to Register or Use the PayPal link (please ad your phone number in the special instructions)
RSVP & Full count needed for dinner seats. MUST PURCHASE SEAT, TO BE CONSIDERED REGISTERED





Every Sunday: Intuitive Readings With Bill The Wizard

Bill uses his intuitive skills and tools, along with his unique connection to the universe, to provide you with the information needed to help see the choices in your life.

He is also able to spot potential health issues so you can make an educated decision about options available to you. Bill has an excellent track record of being accurate and informative in his predictions and what he ‘sees’







Sterling Hill Mine Tour 

Tuesday, September 27th

4 hour tour 10am-2pm ~ $25 per person

Includes, 2 hour tour of zinc mine, & 2 world class museums, ½ hour of mineral collecting 

½ hr walking tour of 200 yr old zinc quarry 

Children 13+ Only Please

Min 15 people, Max 25