* Special Events

~Sunday May 12th ~

Energy Healing With Roland,

In the Salt Cave

Mother Day Special!

$85 Per Person

Group Healing Session with Roland - Go on a healing journey through cinematic music. During this time, Roland takes us on a meditative odyssey using the powerful vibration of song to flow the energy of creation through his being for the purpose of group healing. Roland can help you transmute what no longer serves you as well as help set any intention that you may want (example: better job, be at peace). During this healing, chakras will be cleared up & realigned (if you are one where music inspires you, or helps with meditation, this is not to be missed!!)


We will have time slots at 

11:30 am, 1:30pm & 3:30 pm


This Event Includes:

-1.5 Hours With Roland
-1hr worth of time on our healing devices downstairs; Vibroacoustic bed, Biomats, Chi Machine, Hypervibe & Gallop 
-Light refreshments / Snacks
(excludes foot salt soak and Private Salt Cave)

Sunday June 9th
Sound Healing in the Salt Cave with Renee

12pm & 1:30pm - 1 Hour Session - $55/person

Renee Fleury is a meditation teacher and shamanic practitioner who believes in the profound power of music. Sound healing is a beautiful, safe, and effective way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and promote healing on emotional, physiological, and spiritual levels. Renee uses crystal singing bowls, mantras, and drumming to help facilitate rest and relaxation, from where the deepest healing is experienced. Through sound meditation, it is her hope that her music will help restore balance and harmony within. She has brought peace and wellbeing to many.
This is a group session with limited seating

Sunday May 19th (SOLD OUT)

Sunday June 23rd

Spirit Circle Night with Star 

In the Salt Cave

$65/Person, 6:30-8:30

A Spirit Message Circle is the opportunity for you to witness the power of Evidential Mediumship within a group setting for a small event or a small get together of about 8 people.

What is Evidential Mediumship?

In Evidential Mediumship we aim to provide proof of the continuity of life after death, with specific evidence about the spirit coming through. Communication comes from the spirit communicator, through the medium, and is relayed to the loved one they have come for.

What happens at a spirit circle?

Star will give a brief introduction about how she connects to the spirit world and how you can assist in the flow of that communication. Next, she will deliver as many heartfelt messages to the audience as time is allowed. To end the circle, there is a brief Q and A for the audience, or an oracle card pull for each person for guidance. A Spirit Circle lasts about 2 hours in total.

Pre-Booking required! 

Book using the link below, in store,

or call 845-888-2547

An Evening with Spirit

Hosted By Ellen Devine

Have you ever felt a loved one who has crossed over, trying to tell you something? You may also simply be interested in Psychic Phenomenon & Mediumship. Our goal is to bring forth evidential information to the individual and those present,
messages of hope and healing.
Perhaps your loved one will step forward and deliver a message from beyond. Come join us and learn how you too can connect with the spirit world and embark on a journey of connection.
Our hope is that everyone will receive a personal message, however not guaranteed. You will however leave inspired and more in touch with the other side.

Dinner Will be provided.
RSVP and prepayment is required

Saturday June 29th 5:30 PM - 9 PM

$85 per person, Call 845-888-2547 or book below