Dear crystal lovers and healers,

Welcome, to our newest way of online shopping!

     Over the summer we adopted our newest member to our team, Jewel. She is here to provide you with a                                                   more interactive way of doing online shopping!                                                            ~All you have to do is follow @CrystalConnectionLive                                                 on Instagram or you can call (888)508-HEAL to set up                                                    your live shopping tour today! 



~How this will work is after you've scheduled a time and date, Jewel will (on that scheduled time) video-call you on Instagram and bring the store to you. 



~It will be one on one so you will have more time to pick and choose what it is that you are looking for without the hassle of rushing and claiming.


~Whether you live too far, or just can't find time to make the drivethese live shopping tours are here for you!


~Once your shopping tour is done, Jewel will process your payments via credit card over the phone and ship everything right to your door through USPS.



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