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(Some Practitioners may differ closer to event date) 


ellen-devine.jpgEllen Devine~ Medium~ Connect with past loved ones~ Sunday Only
Have you felt loved ones trying to tell you something from the world beyond? Ellen has been an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years combined with her gifts of being a Psychic Medium with clairvoyant and clairsentient energies, have given many people relief and answers to those who have passed on. $44 




Bone & Charm Readings ~ 
Join Michelle in working with the ancestors to help you resolve conflicts, remove blockages, and move forward on your path to personal fulfillment through a contemporary form of the ancient art of bone-casting. During this session, Michelle throws various bones and charms into a woven bowl to read and discuss the personal messages received for you. Michelle has a deep commitment to using her psychic ability and education in psychology, massage therapy, reiki, hypnosis, and genealogy to assist herself and others on their path of personal growth and well-being. $22/$44


roland.jpgRoland "The Anchor"~ Energy Healing 

Roland is a Reiki Master as well as being certified as a Basic IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. He blends what he has learned with healing modalities and what he has been doing naturally since he was young. He calls what he does, "Purification Healing" because he sees fire energy of different colors that helps to "burn away" or "transmute" what may no longer serve you. 

 "I wish to help as many people as I can as I now realize this is my life's purpose. The healing comes from a place of pure love." $44


Jennifer Wood~ Tarot & Aura Photography

10003825-861415719777-7268947434439077825-o.jpgJennifer offers a traditional ten card Celtic Cross Tarot reading to help you consciously create your life. Gain insight to the energies currently moving through your life as you travel on your journey to creating the path that will guide you to your happiest potential. See what is at the root of everything as well as what to expect in the coming times, with clues on how to maneuver through your days and get the most out of every moment. Can be used to answer a specific question, or to gain general spiritual guidance from the High Healing Beings of Light that Jennifer receives her messages through.. Jennifer prefers you to say nothing prior to the reading. Tarot $22 / Aura $25

Bill “The Wizard” ~ Intuitive Reading ~

wizard.jpgIntuitive/Medical Dowsing “Seer”   

Bill uses his intuitive skills and tools, along with his unique connection to the universe, to provide you with the information needed to help see the choices in your life.  

He is also able to spot potential health issues so you can make an educated decision about options available to you.  Bill has an excellent track record of being accurate and informative in his predictions and what he ‘sees’. $22/$44


 Brenda~ Happy Medium ~ Reconnecting you with loved ones who passed on... Saturday Only


Brenda has been helping hundreds of people over the past 30 year.Brenda has always connected with people on the other side. She calls herself a "happy medium" because she helps bring you comfort and sometimes tears of joy, in knowing that your loved ones continue on the other side. Knowing that they are still concerned about you and can give you signs or advices can be a joyful reunion and a source of relief. $50


Margery Elizabeth~ Intuitive Angel Tarot


She uses her intuition along with angel, fairy, and tarot cards to deliver to her clients the messages that spirit has for them. She not only just reads the cards information but uses them as a gateway for detailed information to come through giving meaning and confirmation to whats going on in your life. $22/$44


Danya ~ Psychic & Spiritual Medium

danya.jpgDanya is a trained Energy Medicine Healer, Shaman & Usui Reiki Master. She is Clairaudient Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Claircognizant (has the ability to see in dreams & visions, to hear spirit, to feel & to know things that are unseen). Danya connects with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and family members who have crossed over to bring you the healing and information you need.


15 min $22 – Mystic Shaman Oracle Card Reading
30 min $44 – I-Ching Ancient Chinese Divination Reading





Faith Supple ~ Vogal Wand Healing (Sunday)

The Vogel Crystal Healing session combines the client’s intention for healing or insights with the use of a uniquely cut quartz crystal, and breath, in a space of Divine Love to facilitate the release of energy blocks. The geometry of the Vogel Healing Crystal combines with the natural qualities of quartz to form a powerful tool to cohere and amplify the intentions and energies for your session. This session is not intended as a cure or promise of particular results. Nor is it a substitute for conventional medical or therapeutic care. Those who need medical or other therapeutic care are encouraged to seek out appropriate professionals. $44
Anjhalia Kate Loye~ Akashic Soul Readings 

Her Soul Readings are for initiates and seekers… bringing the soul’s clear guidance to awaken your spark!  As she channels, you feel the vibrational resonance that says “this is true”, and your heart opens wide to breath authentically.  The words of wisdom from the great Masters speak secret messages, …of your ancient gifts, your aspirations, your mission and soul’s journey on this earth. You may receive an akashic record, ancestral clearing, wisdom teachings for your evolution, emotional release, purification and gateway’s opening.  $44



img-1834.jpgSharon ~ Astrology Readings

She is licensed in counseling psychology and  began studying & practicing astrology, yoga & meditation when she was 20 years old. She has included energy & quantum healing work in her practice, creating a style of approaching astrology a unique experience, helping people connect with themselves more fully, their gifts, purpose, & life lessons, in addition to experiencing themselves as an energy being.  Often people say they feel a consciousness shift after a reading, feeling and understanding their inner world in a more expanded & enlightened way. Sharon has a rich background of experience having worked in many settings:  Community Mental Health, drug & alcohol treatment, monasteries, convents, schools K-12, & colleges. $44

mary.jpgMary Ahenakew~
Psychic Medium~ 
Connecting and Tuning in to Energies that surround your life and that for some need remebering to instill a greater sense of who you are and your mission for the Earth plane. Energies of Spirit guides, past loved ones, or guardians may come through. Her energy is soft and grounded to help you feel safe. $22/$44
Laurelle Rethke~ Rock Readings~ 
Use crystals to find out more about who 
you are and what you need to know at this time... gaining insights into current situations and how to move forward. Laurelle will read what the stones you've chosen have to relay, with a little time to ask specific questions. $22/$44





Tiffany~ Elemental Tarot (Attendance May Change)
Reading tarot for over 20 years I've learned that the cards never look the same twice. Each time I read them a different picture and story emerges based upon the message the cards have for the seeker. In partnership with the personal vibration of the seeker and the story the cards tell, the message is intuitively delivered with compassion and understanding. Life is a journey and as Rumi stated, "what you seek is seeking you"
Travis's Interpretation of her reading style would be very elemental with a lord of the rings feel. $22/$44



*Hemp Oils & Cannabinoids. We also have available for consultation Lisa Mitchell who is very refined on the uses and systems of what they are and how they work. She will be available for any questions midday to early afternoon, both Sat & Sun.



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